Why is Marijuana Illegal?

Why is Marijuana Illegal you ask? Well, turns out that’s a pretty complicated question. Hemp, cannabis or marijuana has been cultivated for millennia in different societies on earth. So, why today, is this plant been criminalized?

Mike Adams, the health ranger, from Texas USA has a few answers for us. In his video, Hemp is Mother Nature’s gift to free humanity (which is why it’s so aggressively suppressed) he covers the health benefits of hemp.

Video Transcript (Edited)

Why is Marijuana Illegal?

Why is marijuana illegal? A plant with many known benefits, the suppression of the healing properties of medicinal marijuana is an example of how, throughout the history of human civilization, information has been kept secret from the masses. Much of the information that does exist around marijuana is around its criminalization.

Cannabis is so incredibly powerful in what it offers us:

  • human freedom
  • agricultural freedom
  • medical freedom

We have entrusted our governing bodies to protect us through legislation and regulations and yet, marijuana, a plant with the potential to heal the planet, is illegal.

Mike Adams || The Health Ranger

Mike Adams aka the Health Ranger, does not smoke and never has smoked marijuana. He shares here many of the reasons why marijuana is illegal. As someone who does not drink alcohol or do recreational drugs, Mike is a scientist who runs a high-end scientific laboratory. Having taught himself the fundamentals of organic chemistry in order to conduct food science, he has chosen not to use substances that could in any way compromise his cognitive function. While he doesn’t use it himself, Mike the Health Ranger is completely opposed to the criminalization of marijuana, even as a recreational drug.

Medicinal Cannabis x Big Pharma

Mike Adams’ focus is on the medicinal properties of cannabis, which offers so much to humanity, compared with the addictive nature of patented drugs circulated by Big Pharma. Medical marijuana makes so many high profit painkillers obsolete including:

  • prescription painkillers
  • cancer drugs
  • anticonvulsant drugs

The plant’s chemical constituents include both THC and CBDs or cannabidiols. The substances contained in medicinal cannabis likely render over a billion dollars a year worth of painkiller drugs obsolete, creating competition with Big Pharma. This is the underlying reason why medicinal marijuana is illegal, criminalized, and oppressed. If the medicinal properties of cannabis were well known and legalized, Big Pharma would not make money selling their patented drugs.

Medicinal Value of Cannabis

If you look at the medicinal value of cannabis, its profile is so extraordinary; it’s almost miraculous, as if it was put on this earth to heal humanity. There are so many healing components that support why the medicinal value of cannabis is being explored. The CBDs combined with other phytochemical constituents are:

Anticancer: for many but not for all types of cancer


  • help stop convulsions
  • prevent seizures
  • prevent/minimize nervous ticks especially with the elderly
  • supportive of the nervous system

Anti-inflammatory, specifically for inflammation from:

  • extreme exercise
  • poor eating habits and the toxicity of junk food
  • digestive issues
  • systemic inflammation throughout the body’s cells

Economic Impact

The plant is not only a biological medicine; it also an example of economic impact or more specifically, spontaneous healing of the economy in the US. If any state in America were to legalize industrial hemp farming, that state would immediately become enriched with billions of dollars of exports from creating, growing exporting, and processing hemp.

Illegal in Texas

Mike Adams lives in Texas where marijuana is illegal, and he muses over the economic impact of the legalization of medicinal cannabis. If Governor Abbott would declare Texas a cannabis industrial hemp free grow zone where farmers could grow hemp, this would impact the economy and shift it to one built around the industrial uses of hemp, which include:

  • hemp oil
  • hemp seeds
  • hemp fibre
  • CBD extracts from hemp

The industrial, scientific, and medicinal uses of the novel materials that come out of hemp are absolutely extraordinary. We could revolutionize farming and agriculture and create positive economic impact through massive profits and investment in Texas, if marijuana was not illegal.

Hemp Outlawed

Hemp was traditionally grown for hundreds of years before it was outlawed and marijuana was made illegal by the government. Hemp would create economic abundance and impact humanity, freeing people of:

  1. reliance on government subsidies
  2. use of food stamps
  3. debt and dependency on the banking system

Hemp Materials

Further to this, hemp materials are a big part of why marijuana continues to be illegal almost everywhere: it creates too much independent freedom.

A threat to companies like DuPont, hemp can be used to create extraordinary novel materials that might compete with synthetic high tensile strength fibre such as nylon. With some fascinating chemistry, hemp can be transformed into materials with very, very high tensile strength and very, very high green factors. The low eco footprint of hemp materials is also astounding.

Hemp materials can be used to manufacture an array of various practical parts, including car parts:

  • functional bumpers
  • panels for inside doors
  • components for seats
  • steering wheels

More Medicinal Benefits of Hemp

Hemp has many more medicinal benefits. As mentioned, it halts cancer in many people and eliminates dependence on addictive deadly painkillers from pharmaceutical companies. The medicinal benefits of hemp also support:

  • nutrition: high in omega 3s, protein and fiber
  • hemp oils
  • hemp seeds
  • hemp protein
  • prevention of Type 2 diabetes
  • prevention of heart disease
  • prevention of cancer

We could see massive economic impact from hemp and from the legalization of marijuana. The healthcare costs of every city or nation where people consume hemp oils, protein and fibres could be greatly reduced. Companies like Nutiva and people like John Roulak have done a fantastic job commercializing and mainstreaming the distribution of hemp products and yet, we all exist in a nation where we are committing a criminal act if we take one of those seeds and plant it in the ground to harvest for industrial or dietary uses, because it is illegal to grow marijuana. Instead, the US imports from Canada and from other places.

Medical Marijuana Patenting

Medical Marijuana patenting is not deemed possible by the American government. This one plant offers so much potential to humanity and yet it has been so criminalized, marginalized, and oppressed scientifically. And the government says you cannot claim the medicinal properties of hemp, that medical marijuana is not patented, and that it is not an FDA approved pharmaceutical. In 2003, this same government patented a cannabidiol molecular formula from medical marijuana as a treatment against convulsions and seizures. This patenting exists in the patent databases. You can look it up and this supports the possibility and existence of medical marijuana patenting. Cannabis is a medicine, even according to the dishonest government that tells us medical marijuana cannot be used to treat diseases.

The System

The American system strips freedoms away under the guise of protection from natural medicine and agricultural hemp. If the American government really cared about the people, if the Democrats really had compassion, and if the Republicans really valued liberty, wouldn’t they join forces to create a healthy and mindful system that includes compassionate medicine? The freedom to grow industrial hemp, wouldn’t that fit the philosophy of both the Republicans and the Democrats? But the American system is not honest and neither party is honest. If they wanted to be honest and compassionate, the system would reflect this and medical cannabis, agricultural production of hemp products would be legalized nationwide.

Product Integrity

Mike’s laboratory is where he tests the product integrity of items sold in his online store store.naturalnews.com. He only sells items such as Laboratory-validated Super foods, tested for heavy metals and other possible contaminants.

People have contacted him, requesting that he sell their CBDs. As a scientist, Mike will not do this unless he can absolutely verify the integrity of hemp products and that they contain the cannabidiols claimed. CBDs are such powerful medicine, and word is spreading rapidly about their healing potential, their ability to prevent cancer and their ability to prevent convulsions and seizures. Word is spreading so fast that a lot of charlatans are getting into the business compromising the product integrity of their offerings. Nobody really knows how to tell the difference between canola oil labeled as CBDs or lowered CBD content 1/10 or less of what it claims to be. Because it’s natural medicine, most people can’t spot a lack or breach of integrity, purchasing products containing little to no CBDs for $100-$200. Unfortunately, when asked, many vendors cannot provide scientific data to support the presence of CBDs in their products.

Scientific Validation

There is a shocking lack of scientific validation of the CBD content of products being sold as CBDs. Mike Adams has begun recently to study the molecular structures and isotopes of cannabidiols. In his search for an authentic product with scientific validation, he’s decided to start testing some of the products that are out there. He has a very large forensic food laboratory, where he uses instrumentation known as Liquid Chromatography, or LC.

He’s learned that Liquid Chromatography by itself does not doesn’t separate CBDs from THC. A step in the right direction towards scientific validation, LC itself does not allow you to quantitate the cannabidiols that you are looking at.

Mike has seen so far in his scientific research 7 primary cannabidiols and from looking at molecular structure it appears they have essentially the same elemental structure, with some different covalent bonding happening in certain carbon rings inside that structure. This would change the masses slightly because electrons themselves have a very small mass, enough mass to make a difference when you’re looking at mass to charged ratio. True scientific validation requires the use of Liquid Chromatography in conjunction with Mass Spectrometry. He is using what’s called Time of Flight (TOF), which is able to separate the cannabidiols from the THC and other possible chemical constituents.

CBD Research

Within these liquid extracts, Mike is interested in research of the medicinal side of the non-psychoactive CBDs, which are legal to sell everywhere in the US, in all 50 states. It’s very early in his CBD research, which, Mike anticipates will take a few months. Curious to find out how much of the CBD products on the market are counterfeit, how much are legitimate, and what suppliers can actually be trusted to provide the CBD content that they claim to provide, there is more work to be done. Beyond Mike’s research objectives and desire to expose the truth, he wishes to support those companies that are producing and distributing honest formulations of CBD extracts, who are truthfully promoting their medicinal marijuana products. He wants to support companies that are doing a good job using green chemistry while being honest with what they are providing their customers.

Through this CBD research, he also wants to expose the frauds. From dietary supplements to protein products and now in this case CBDs, Mike has a reputation for exposing frauds using hard scientific research in a forensic food laboratory. Using the Liquid Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry set up, he’ll be able to show and quantitate a parts per billion resolution of the cannabidiol content of every supplement that comes through his lab. Time of Flight is an accurate way to quantitate data analysis of CBDs and he will be using this in his research.

Extraction Technologies

The extraction technologies that are used in the marijuana industry are absolutely frightening. As a food scientist who believes in the healing properties of cannabis as well as environmental protection green chemistry and consumer safety, Mike is hocked to learn about out the kinds of Extract solvents that are largely being used for extraction in the marijuana industry today, largely because it’s unregulated from a federal standpoint.

People are extracting cannabidiols using toxic solvents like hexane and possibly gasoline, and other explosives. Many of these extraction technologies are experimental, as well as very toxic. He shares that since extraction technologies, methods, and solvents are unregulated, Mike cautions that it is wildly unsafe for human consumption, and for the environment.

CBD Product Purity

Encouraging those who support medicinal marijuana’s many uses, as he does, to really be wary and skeptical of unusual highly concentrated forms of extracts from hemp and to question CBD product purity. Since the extraction technologies used aren’t required to be published, we simply don’t know what chemicals are used or what else is in these medicinal marijuana products.

There are very few quality standards for CBD product purity. Mike considers it a sort of “wild west” at the moment. When he was recently undergoing some instrument training in Mass Spectrometry, he spoke with one of his classmates who’d been sent there by a large medical marijuana operation in California. He was studying not just CBD and THC product purity, but also learning how to identify the unknowns contained in these products, to get up to speed on the chemical quantitation of a range of chemical consituents.

Mass Spectrometry

Mass Spectrometry is another instrument used to identify and analyze plant based products and substances. When looking at a Liquid Chromatograph or spectrum of a plant-based substance, there are many different peaks. These peaks are usually the unknown substances.

With Mass Spectrometry, data can be reverse engineered to determine product purity. This instrument actually identifies the so-called unknowns, which means if someone is using gasoline, the components of gasoline will show in the Mass Spectrometry analysis. If hexane is present, hexane will show in the analysis.

Measuring CBD Purity with Mass Spectrometry

There are several advantages of measuring CBD product purity with Mass Spectrometry instruments.

Benefits of this include:

  • pure and consistent plant medicine
  • safety
  • scrutiny through scientific analysis
  • transparency of the actual composition of products that are being sold as CBD extracts or CBD oils
  • exposure of counter-fit products containing chemical contaminants

Mike guesses that through Mass Spectrometry, CBD product purity testing will show a number of products are not pure. Although the possibility exists that all medicinal cannabis products are 100% legitimate and free from toxins, he remains skeptical of what the labels display.

As a non-user of medicinal marijuana and as a scientist who is pro hemp, Mike’s vision for the medical marijuana industry is:

  • scientific authenticity and validation to elevate industry-wide trust
  • cleaner, greener extraction protocols used with fewer or no chemicals
  • safe, healthy industry-wide standards
  • greater support for natural medicines

Solid Data

Because of the dangers of unknown chemical solvents used to extract CBDs from hemp, it is important to test in a lab for solid data before processing and manufacturing medicines. Mike will be offering to test CBD products in the future, but only those without THC as he lives in Texas where THC is not legal. He has a keen desire to help find solid data to clean up the medicinal marijuana industry, to make hemp products safer and more readily available. He wants to offer scientifically validated certificates of quantitative analysis, which he will announce on Natural News.com.

A Hemp Revolution

It’s time for a hemp revolution. Overall, hemp is an extraordinary plant and society at large has been victim to suppression of the truth, to suppression of the healing properties of medicinal marijuana, to suppression of the economic abundance of hemp. It’s time for that to end. It is time for a revolution in agriculture, a revolution in medicine, a revolution in hemp production, for legitimate purposes.

Revolutionizing how we think about hemp along with instilling safe, green industry standards will help humanity with:

  • the incredible healing capacity of CBDs
  • healthy oils
  • healthy proteins
  • novel fibers for manufacturing
  • useful practical products made out of hemp and much, much more!

It is time now to combine this citizen science that we have available in order to promote this amazing plant in the interest of humanity. It’s time to end disease, to end addiction to prescription opioids and other pharmaceuticals, and to revolutionize the health of humanity with nutrition and plant medicine and the health of the planet through sustainable, low impact agriculture, and the health of the economy through renewable, clean, and ethical trade of useful products. Hemp is one of Mother Nature’s gifts of liberty.

Through green chemistry, good science, and safety, Mike Adams, the “Health Ranger” is optimistic about the future of medical marijuana, and the end of the criminalization this powerful healing plant as he continues to uncover why it is illegal.

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