Cannalife 30ml Cannabis Lavender Rosehip Face Oil

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Replace your daily face routine with this luxurious blend.  Combines a powerful THC and CBD rich anti-aging formula with pure essential oils to optimize skin health. Powerful anti-aging skin care without the psychoactive effects of Cannabis.

This unique blend of Cannabis, 100% organic essential and seed oils is perfect for any skin type. Nourishes, balances, renews and rejuvenates tired skin to a new radiance! Use daily for smoothing and preventing wrinkles, blemishes and sun spots. This oil is lightweight leaving a silky soft finish with quick absorption and the relaxing scent of lavender and rosehip.

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Apply 2-3 pumps to face & neck. Nourishes, balances, renews and rejuvenates


Can be: Anti-aging, Helps to:, Relax muscles, Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-wrinkle, Moisterize


Do not drive or operate machinery. Do not mix with Alcohol. Keep out of reach of children and pets., Must Be of Legal Age, Intended for MMPR patients